Turn Your Secret Knowledge into Systems


Good systems are the springboard to growth. 

How to develop the everyday systems and procedures you need for growth.

When we get first get started in business, we make things up as we need them. This is “seat of the pants” management. As your business grows, this idiosyncratic approach gets to be a real hindrance to further growth and ease of operation. This book has guidelines help you move past your “seat of the pants” style and build up the systems and procedures you need for growth, profitability, and ease of operation.

Topics covered in this book
• The trap of “only I can do this.” Moving from secret knowledge to delegating.
• Systems are the springboard to growth. How to become a systems-generating wizard.
• Checklist of small business systems and procedures
• “Yeah-but…” Why businesses resist systems.
• From secret knowledge to duplicating yourself.
• How to develop systems and procedures (it doesn’t have to be you.)
• Don’t reinvent the wheel! Others have already created most of these systems.
• Overcoming resistance and inertia.
• Templates and exercise sheets.

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