Inner Game of Business Growth


Don’t be the bottleneck to your company’s growth.

Is the way you run your business a barrier to your growth, profitability, and ease of operation?

Learn why some businesses grow rapidly while others struggle for growth and profitability.

The difference often lies within the noggin of the owner. You are the biggest asset of your business, and more than likely the biggest bottleneck as well.

Alas, all the clichés are true. The buck stops with you. You have to look in the mirror. To overcome your barriers to growth, ease, and profitability, you must work on yourself—that is, your own management practices, habits, attitudes, and beliefs.

This book describes a “mindset for growth” and gives you the exercises and other aids to help you explore these for yourself.

Use this book as a template to change some of the most resistant things known—your habits, attitudes, and beliefs.

Topics covered in this book
• A mindset for growth, profitability, and ease. Contrast with self-defeating management habits
• How to change your management practices, habits, attitudes and beliefs (M-PHABs)
• How to tackle contradictory attitudes
• How to change the dynamic between you and your managers
• How to change a vicious circle into a virtuous ladder
• Low profitability diagnosis sheet
• How to make the changes stick
• Can you change the work habits and attitudes of others?
• A team can work on itself.
• Templates and exercise sheets

How to get the help and support you need

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