Gold From Small Business


How to consult profitably with owner-run businesses

Most consultants do not work with top corporate executives, so this book shows you how to build a successful and lucrative practice working with owners of smaller companies--ranging from a few to a couple of hundred employees.

Two benefits of working with smaller companies. Since there are many more of them:
-- You’re less likely to be dependent on just a couple of large corporate projects at a time, so you avoid the boom and bust syndrome
-- You reduce your business travel, and spend less time alone in airports and hotels.

Following my guidelines, you can make the money you want while working on diverse and enjoyable projects—without exhausting travel and a 24/7 schedule.

You will learn what sets small business owners apart from corporate managers and execs, the opportunities for consultants and how to take advantage of them, plus the challenges and how to deal with them.

Topics covered
• The mind and heart of the small business owner
• Varieties of owner-run businesses . . . compared to corporate exec
• Benefits of consulting with small business owner (SBO)
• Challenges of consulting with smaller companies, and how to overcome them
• Proven ways to find, qualify, and sell to small businesses
• Working with SBOs. Their needs = your opportunity
• Profile of small business consultant
• How to price your services
• Ways to boost your effective hourly rate
• Special ways of working with smaller clients profitably

This is also useful for executive coaches who wish to become better business advisors.

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