Finding & Keeping Good Employees


How to “Hire Smart,” so you don’t have to “Manage Tough”

With B.J. Van Horn, Senior Professional in Human Resources
 A strong team of employees is core to taking your business where you want it to go. This workbook details how to make sure you hire the best team, have them work productively together, and stay with you.

Topics covered

1 Defining the job you need done

2 Finding the best person for the job. Screening and interviewing. Questions you cannot ask . . . and how to get the info you really need. Reference checking. Offering the job

3 Getting people started off on the right foot. Orientation and training. Acclimation period

4 Creating and maintaining a work environment that keeps good employees. What drives good people away?

5 Performance evaluations

6 Procedures and systems for successful employers. Employee handbooks

7 Avoiding problems. How to avoid problems. How to handle problems when they arise

8 Observing all the legal requirements

9 Appendices First time employer checklist Employee or contractor.
Labor law “survival guides” I-9 and W-4 forms

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