Recapture Your Time


Small business owners: don’t just save your time—invest it strategically! 

“I don’t have enough hours in the day!” is one of the most common complaints of business owners. Lack of time ranks far above lack of money as a barrier to growth. After all, you can borrow money, but your hours are fixed in number.

But this book is not about time management. You should focus not on “saving time” but on “investing time” strategically. Where can you get the highest return on each hour of your time? What should you be doing to focus on growing your business to the size and profitability you want? This book helps you answer these questions.

This book contains . . .

• Business owners' biggest strategic time killers

• A 3-tiered approach to recapturing your time and using it strategically:

Level 1. Triage Your Time. Generate some "right-now" benefits. How can you stop the time hemorrhaging? Where can you recapture a small amount of time, to give you the space to focus on longer-term improvements in your time use?

Level 2. Recapture Your Time. Make some near-term improvements. Restructure the way you do things. How can you permanently change the demands on your time, so that you can focus on strategic priorities?

Level 3. Invest Your Time. Undertake longer-term restructuring. See how you can leverage your time and creativity. Over the next year or so, how can you restructure your business to help you make your greatest contribution to its success, have the workstyle you want, and achieve your long-term objectives?

• How to break the chain between hours worked and revenue earned. Sell value, not time. Leverage your effort

• How to calculate the true value of your time

• See why do you have a time crunch, and apply the Problem Solvent to it.

• Guidelines to scheduling sanity. Lay out your ideal work schedule. Project planning calendar. Time tracker template

• How to carve out time for development and innovating

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