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December 12, 2011

Would a Free Marketing Plan Help Your Business?

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My answer to a LinkedIn question by Travis Holt

Whenever I see a “free” offer of something I know is costly, I suspect it’s just an introductory come-on to lead me to purchase something later on. Nothing wrong with that, UNLESS I know it’s something that is too good to be free. Like a marketing plan. I also offer people a free marketing plan*, but it’s something they complete for themselves. If they need my help to complete it, and to come up with a useful guide to their own activities, that’s too much for me to give away.

I think people know this. They want “free” but if you offer too much for free, they are suspicious.

Also, in my experience, people who always want “free” don’t make good customers. I would prefer somebody who said, “You know, I tried to use that free marketing plan, but it just didn’t do it for me. I realize I need to hire somebody to help me think this through. After all, this is the future of my business I’m working on!”

But here’s a fundamental rule, and this may be what you are doing:
“Tell ’em how to do it for themselves, so that they will hire you to do it for ’em.”

*Mine is called “Shortcut to Cash Flow Marketing Plan.” Two pages, 11 questions. Ask me for it, with your name, company name, and email.


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