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October 21, 2009

What qualities do you look for in a partner for a start up?

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Asked by David Shaw on LinkedIn

1. First of all, never form a partnership, period. Use some form of incorporation instead. Partners have 100% liability for each other’s actions. But we often say “partner” when we mean fellow stockholder.

2. Never take on a “partner” if you can hire the person instead. Giving someone an equity stake because you cannot afford to pay them a salary will turn out to be the most expensive hire you ever make.

3. The only justified reason to bring in an equity “partner” is that they bring in something that you cannot obtain in any other way, such as:
— Capital. But even this is chancy. Much better to use a line of credit, or sell shares to a handful of investors.
— Synergy. The two of you have a proven wonderful working relationship and have complementary skills. For example Doer and Rainmaker, or Creator and Implementer.
— Connections with customers or resources that will make you rich.
— Access to a market that you could not otherwise enter.

If you do get a “partner,” get your working agreement (“pre-nup”) drawn up by the most hard-harded, cynical lawyer you can find, so it will have contingencies for all the worst-case scenarios starry-eyed newbies never think of.

By the way, the only thing worse than seeking a “partner” for your start-up is bringing in an equity “partner” to your established business. I’ve never seen a single instance where this worked out. Instead, hire them as a consultant.

If you want to bring in an equity “partner” to get a capital infusion for rapid business growth, don’t sell them a stake in your existing business. Instead, have them become a shareholder in a new venture the two of you start, while you retain control of your original company. The new company can contract for services from your original company.


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