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April 30, 2012

How to Create Jobs

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Start your own business!

(My response to a question on EIUhow to tackle unemployment–so widespread among young people in many parts of the world.

Perhaps it’s my American bias, but I think that encouraging entrepreneurship is a big part of the answer. The worst policy is to create government jobs or government-funded jobs.

Unleash and nurture the desire of people to launch and grow profit-making and wealth-creating ventures. Every entrepreneur creates a handful of jobs–at the very least, for him- or herself.

It’s easy to start a business, if your government will let you, and if you are willing to risk failure. The government’s role should be to provide infrastructure for ventures of all sizes to get started and grow, so that more succeed, and those that fail can quickly try again.

I advise small business owners. Many started as “corporate castoffs” who were forced to strike out on their own. Many of these are now employers in their own right. And even the solopreneurs are glad they took the leap, and would never want to go back.

Look around you for the things that need to be provided in the marketplace, and find a way to sell it for more than it costs you.

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